Bauer Professional Electric Hot Water Bottle & Back Warmer


    This is the new and improved rechargeable hot water bottle. With soft comfort cover, this can be plugged in and charged up in 8-12 minutes to a 70-75 degree temperature. The bottle is prefilled and the redesigned charger unit has a specific direction of insertion to ensure it cannot be incorrectly charged in any way possible. This will make a great gift for someone who would benefit from heat therapy or just a regular hot water bottle user looking for a quick and easy alternative to the traditional bottle. This version is designed for use on the back and comes with a simple, fully adjustable, click lock strap to hold the bottle in place!


    • This rechargeable hot water bottle can be used over and over again to warm you up and ease all of your aches and pains
    • In just 8-12 minutes it will be fully charged and ready to be used for up to 5-6 hours
    • There is a soft fleece cover which provides comfort when applying it to your body as well as a waist band which can be used to attach to your back to ease pain there!